New EV charging stations for the Kimberley region

The new EV charging station at Warnum

Electric vehicles can now travel across Western Australia’s Kimberley region with the installation of three new charging stations.

The charging stations have been installed by Horizon Power and service the 900km stretch of Northern Highway between Kununurra and Derby.

Completing the missing link for EV charging availability around the country’s perimeter, the stations were installed in the remote Kimberley communities of Warmun, Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing.

Due to their limited travelling range, electric vehicles were previously only able to reach Kununurra in the East Kimberley, or Derby in the West Kimberley.

Horizon Power East Kimberley retail and community manager Tara Stigwood said the charging stations were part of the electricity utility’s commitment to a sustainable energy future for regional Western Australia.

“Knowing they can now complete their journey through the Kimberley will encourage more electric vehicle users to travel through this magnificent part of Australia,” Ms Stigwood said.

“That’s great for local businesses and the people in our remote communities.”

“We have a range of exciting projects across the state focusing on providing innovative energy choices for customers.

“Making electricity available to power vehicles is just one of the ways we’re working toward our vision for the future of energy.”

National Secretary of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association national secretary Chris Jones said using electric vehicles had a number of benefits.

“In addition to saving on fuel, electric cars are quieter than those with internal combustion engines, and have no exhaust emissions which improves public health and reduces ecological impacts,” Mr Jones said.

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