New EV charging startup to roll out Australian network


A new player is entering Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure space, with Australian startup Evie Networks announcing it’s partnering with US tech company EV Connect for the rollout.

Backed by the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, Evie plans to build an ultra-fast highway charging network using EV Connect’s EV Cloud platform to deploy and manage a network of 42 sites and more than 80 ultra-fast Tritium charging stations for their first phase of the network.

The network’s aim is to connect Australia’s major capital cities so EV drivers can head from Cairns to Adelaide without fear of running out of juice. There will be an average of 150km between each site, and no more than 200km. There will also be sites in Tasmania and Perth.

Founder and CEO of EV Connect Jordan Ramer said for Australia to fully realise all the benefits of EVs, we have to reduce range anxiety by giving drivers access to charging and information about chargers, no matter where they travel.

The first sites are expected to be up and running by September this year.

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