New Energizer battery to disrupt home solar battery market

The new Energizer Homepower battery

Entel Holdings has announced today it has been appointed as the exclusive distribution partner for the Energizer® Homepower battery in Australia and New Zealand by Energizer licensee, 8 Star Energy.

Energizer Homepower is set to disrupt the solar battery market in Australia and New Zealand with the global launch of its first Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Energizer® Homepower,in October 2020.

The new Energizer Homepower will deliver solar customers premium and reliable energy storage solutions, that are also more cost-effective and will maximise return on investment for new and existing rooftop solar systems.

Energizer Homepower features a solar battery with a sleek, modular design that houses a 6.1 kWh capacity module with the flexibility to connect additional storage as households’ energy needs grow.

Energizer Homepower’s cutting-edge battery software maximises efficiency while allowing homeowners to manage their system and energy usage remotely via an easy-to-use app.

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EnergizerHomepower is well-positioned to give homeowners a premium option that utilises smart technology to give control back to rooftop solar customers, enabling homeowners to store and use their solar energy more effectively,” Entel Holdings general manager Tigran Aganesov said.

“The batteries also look incredible, a great fit for any home. The system’s weatherproof design also makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installation,” Mr Aganesov said.

The product’s minimalist design incorporates a patented magnetic flap that cleverly conceals system controls to allow convenient access while maintaining visual appeal. The Energizer Homepower App gives homeowners the option to store energy during off-peak periods, and then use it during peak periods when energy prices are high. The app is available on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Web platforms.

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There is alsoa mobile app specifically developed for technicians to use during the installation and commissioning process. Through a robust Bluetooth connection, the app guides the technician through a step-by-step sequence that automatically validates the correct installation as they go. Combining this with a no-fuss, plug-and-play type connection zone, the average installation time is significantly reduced.

Inclusive of a 10-year warranty, customers could expect a fully installed Energizer Homepower to cost between $7500 to $8500. It is also compatible with new and existing solar systems and is Virtual Power Plant (VPP) ready.

TheEnergizer Homepower team is now taking reservations for its online technical training sessions to ensure its valued installer and reseller partners are fully certified and field ready. Installers and resellers can register their interest at