New community battery for regional NSW

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Enova Community Energy, with partners Enosi Australia and University of Newcastle, have been granted funding from the New South Wales Government’s Regional Community Energy Fund for a shared community battery project in regional New South Wales.

This project will enable Enova to commission and install a 2MWh battery in a regional NSW location, implement peer-to-peer trading (provided by partner Enosi) of the stored energy across 500 Enova customers, and aims to reduce electricity bills for Enova customers.

Enova Community Energy chair Alison Crook said this funding elevates Enova’s standing as a viable and pioneering retailer.

“We’re effectively using our social enterprise structure to deliver real benefits to locals in communities,” she said.

“Community batteries are one of the last pieces in the puzzle to bring efficient control of energy generation, storage, and supply right back to where they belong: in the hands of people in their own communities.”

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Enova CEO Felicity Stening welcomed this community battery opportunity for Enova, saying, “We’re thrilled to have succeeded in this [grant]. It will enable Enova to make its debut into grid-scale energy storage and bring peer-to-peer energy trading to our customers. Enova is absolutely stepping into its role as a leader in helping communities build energy self-sufficiency.”

NSW Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean said the Shared Community Battery Project would help regional communities take control of their energy bills and benefit from the economic opportunities presented by changes in the energy system.

“These innovative renewable energy projects will help to make electricity more reliable and affordable for our regional communities,” Mr Kean said.

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Enova, along with project partners Enosi and University of Newcastle, have successfully secured over $998,000 from the NSW Government to part-fund this Enova first.

Enova is embarking on an asset building strategy as part of its purpose to support local communities to generate, store, and share renewable energy. A shared community battery offers an alternative to individual households purchasing their own battery storage system. 

Enova is Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer, formed as a social enterprise to reduce carbon emissions and facilitate the transition to a renewable energy future, by building sustainable and resilient communities, where renewable energy is accessible by all. 

Enosi Australia is developing software to enable trading of renewable energy resources for consumers across Australia.

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