South Australia leads the battery charge: Report


South Australia has leapfrogged to become a number one state for home battery installations, a new report from solar market research company SunWiz reveals.

South Australia jumped from fourth to first place for installations of home energy storage systems over the past year, overtaking NSW, Queensland and Victoria to take up home clean energy systems.

The 2020 Australian Home Energy Storage Report also found that the deployed capacity of all energy storage systems has reached a staggering 1 gigawatt hour – that’s eight times the capacity of the famed Tesla big battery.

With several large-scale projects under construction, including at the Lake Bonney and Lincoln’s Gap windfarms, a further 500 megawatt hours in storage is in the pipeline.

SunWiz managing director Warwick Johnston said that South Australia’s startling rise up the storage charts was indicative of the forward-thinking nature of the “renewable state”.

“South Australians have always been ahead of the game when it comes to solar energy and now households are leading on energy storage, with record numbers of SA homes installing residential battery systems,” he said.

“Forward thinking policy from the South Australian Government in the Home Battery Scheme, the biggest government incentive for home battery storage in Australia, has helped to create a SA battery growth market.

“With power prices escalating and energy reliability often less than certain, smart homeowners are investing in solar and battery systems that provide secure, reliable clean energy, all year around.”

Looking forward throughout 2020, SunWiz forecasts a market for a further 28,000 home energy storage systems totalling 280 MWh, plus 500MWh of grid-scale storage.