New battery-boosted wind farm for Vic

wind farm

The Australian Wind Alliance has revealed plans of a new battery-boosted wind farm proposed in South West Victoria. If successful, it will be located at an existing pine plantation between Portland and Nelson, close to the South Australian border.

The project’s benefit program will be designed in close consultation with the community and could include features such as community enhancement funds, green energy subsidies or potentially co-investment. 

The $1 billion Kentbruck Green Power Hub project will also lead to jobs in construction and ongoing jobs in the region.

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The proposed hub plans to install 157 wind turbines providing 900MW of clean, emission-free renewable energy to the grid. This could save 3.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year and power 500,000 homes with renewable energy.

Alongside Kentbruck, the Delburn and Hexham Wind Farm projects have also been announced in the last fortnight. Together, these three Victorian projects would add a total capacity of 1900 megawatts, which is more than the recently retired Hazelwood power station. This is the energy transition we need, moving away from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. 

The Delburn Wind Farm and Hexham Wind Farms have also outlined generous benefit sharing models that continue in the spirit of the Victorian Government’s guidance around community engagement in the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme (VREAS). This suggests that the VREAS guidelines are having a continued and welcomed benefit beyond the VREAS projects.