Nectr unveils Buy Now Pay Later solar plans

Rooftop solar panels (nectr plans)
Image: Nectr

Award-winning energy retailer Nectr has announced interest-free Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solar and solar-plus-battery plans that offer competitive rates, shorter contract periods, and premium hardware.

This latest move signals Nectr’s ongoing commitment to help Australians ‘future-proof’ their household energy consumption. With electricity prices tipped to further increase over the next few months, Nectr’s BNPL options are a practical solution for those who want to reduce electricity bills and their household carbon footprint.

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“Our research shows that when it comes to investing in solar panels or household battery, upfront cost, having control over the energy that’s generated, and competitive rates are key considerations for Australians,” Nectr managing director Andrew Butler said.

“We have developed our Buy Now Pay Later plans in direct response to this consideration so that households can easily reap the benefits of renewable energy—investing in the planet, and their financial future.” 

With no upfront costs or finances, customers will be able to pay off the investment within  the competitive timeframe of three to five years. The Nectr Solar and Solar + Battery BNPL plans offer solutions for all steps of the energy independence spectrum: from those taking the first step with solar, to those moving towards full independence from the grid.

“Making the switch to renewable forms of energy has never been simpler,” Butler said.

“By offering our interest free Buy Now Pay Later plans, and household-centred calculations of per-annum savings, Nectr is on a mission to empower customers with affordable greener energy solutions.” 

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Nectr recently was awarded Canstar Blue’s inaugural Green Energy Excellence Award, for its 100 per cent carbon neutral and 100 per cent GreenPower plans. It also ranks top 10 in Greenpeace Australia’s 2022 Green Energy Guide.

NSW, SA and QLD residents can now access Nectr’s interest-free Buy Now Pay Later Solar and Solar and Battery Plans.