Mungullah Power Station up and running

Western Australia’s 18MW Mungullah Power Station successfully exported power for the first time in late January.

The $77 million project is owned and operated by Horizon Power and is designed to serve the growing needs of Carnarvon, a coastal community situated around 900km north of Perth.

Horizon Power senior project manager Kim Bryan said the power was generated from the diesel-fuelled generators at the new station and it is expected the gas-fuelled generators will soon start producing power.

“Mungullah Power Station has reached the significant milestone of exporting power for the first time, which means it now has the capability to provide power in parallel with the old Carnarvon Power Station,” he said.

“We expect to start commissioning reliability trials on the gas-fuelled generators in late April and when these trials are complete, the old Carnarvon Power Station will stop generating power and residents close by will be able to enjoy a quieter neighbourhood.”

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