Move over meatballs… Ikea to sell renewable energy in Sweden

Ikea sign behind solar panels

Iconic Swedish furniture retailer IKEA will start selling renewable energy to households in Sweden starting from September, and hopes to do the same in other countries soon.

The company said households would be able to buy affordable renewable electricity from solar and wind and track their usage through an app.

The STRÖMMA offer will be made in partnership with local energy supplier Svea Solar, and will eventually expand into other markets.

“At Ikea, we want to become fully circular and climate positive by 2030, built on renewable energy and resources,” new retail business manager Jan Gardberg said.

“We believe the future of energy is renewable and we want to make electricity from sustainable sources more accessible and affordable to all.”

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STRÖMMA allows customers who have already purchased solar panels from Ikea to connect the panels to an app to track their own generation, and sell back electricity they don’t use themselves. Customers who don’t have solar panels can also use the app to track their energy usage.

“[We’re] a home furnishing company, and we want to make it easier for people to live a more sustainable life at home,” Ikea Sweden sales manager Bojan Stupar said.

“Today we offer smart and energy efficient products and services that contribute to prolonging the life of products, reducing waste, saving water, and eating more healthily, as well as reducing electricity usage, [and] providing solar and wind power at a low price to more people feels like the natural next step on our sustainability journey.”

Ikea sells solar panels here in Australia in collaboration with Solargain.

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