Morrison says Australia has nothing to apologise for over climate

Scott Morrison addressing the UN general assembly

This week, the PM has copped a lot of flak on the local and global stage with sentiment at the UN Climate Change Summit, that Australia and other world leaders aren’t doing enough to combat climate change.

The world’s most famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough called out Australia and even the PM personally for supporting coal mines.

But, Scott Morrison says it’s all a “misrepresentation of the media”.

“Australia is doing our bit on climate change and we reject any suggestion to the contrary,” he said.

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“By 2020, Australia will have overachieved on our Kyoto commitments, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 367,000,000 tonnes more than required to meet our 2020 Kyoto target.

“There are few members, whether at this forum or at the OECD who can make this claim.

“Both emissions per person, and emissions intensity of our economy are at their lowest level in 29 years.”

He did not mention in his speech that emissions across the economy are rising in Australia, and have since the Coalition abolished the carbon price. While emissions in the electricity sector have reduced, he also didn’t mention emissions in other sectors of the economy are rising.

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He also implied that the parents, or other figures, were facelessly exploiting the anxieties of the children of the climate change protests “for other agendas”.

Mr Morrison also mentioned Australia is committed to reducing plastic pollution in the oceans, tackling over-exploitation of fisheries and recycling.