Interactive mapping portal to improve network management

Endeavour Energy

Endeavour Energy has developed a new interactive mapping portal to improve network demand management.

The portal was developed in response to calls from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and many peak consumer groups for electricity networks to better utilise the existing network to delay capital investment, which customers then have to fund in electricity bills for up to fifty years.

The portal reveals detailed network asset and planning information for third parties interested in developing demand management proposals in a more efficient and cost effective way.

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Endeavour Energy’s general manager Asset Management Ty Christopher says the new portal will help integrate demand-side solutions into network planning and business practices.

“Effective demand management can deliver millions of dollars of savings in customers’ electricity bills by limiting or deferring the need for new investment in electricity networks,” Mr Christopher says.

“We developed this service to improve users’ experience and provide access to information about load profiles, network limitations and the likely timing of those limitations in an interactive, online map format.

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“Most of this information was previously contained in a 200 page report called the Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) posted on our website.

“Users told us it was very difficult to navigate in its current PDF format and made identifying demand management opportunities quite challenging.

“Beneath the maps on the portal is all the relevant information required by third parties to develop a submission for non-network services at that point in the network.”

The online portal can be accessed from Endeavour Energy’s website.