IKEA launches full home solar offer for Aussies

Ikea sign behind solar panels

From today, Australian consumers will be able to purchase solar panels through the IKEA website.

The new IKEA solar offer, SOLSTRÅLE, was created in collaboration with its partner, Solargain, which has over 20 years’ experience in developing tailored solar offerings for Australian consumers.

IKEA CEO and chief sustainability officer Jan Gardberg said that he was proud that the IKEA Australia organisation could invite consumers to join them in their commitment to become climate positive.

“… We hope that this will encourage our customers to live a more sustainable everyday life by removing the barriers to investing in renewable energy”, he said.

Solargain CEO Keera Single said Solargain was looking forward to working alongside IKEA to bring an exclusive offering to the Australian market.

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“We wanted to work with a partner that shared our vision to help more Australians experience the benefits of renewable energy,” Ms Single said.

“In working with a retailer like IKEA, we believe we can reach more households that are able to make the switch to solar, which is an exciting opportunity for us to be involved in.” 

ikea solar


From June 10, customers in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria will be able to purchase SOLSTRÅLE, with remaining states to follow shortly afterwards.

Consumers can hope to save close to $2000 a year from their solar installation.

A family of four in NSW with a 6.6kW system could save over $1500 per year, with the same household makeup in:

  • Victoria saving up to $1742 per year
  • South Australia saving up to $1950 per year
  • Western Australia saving up to $1337 per year
  • QLD saving up to $1584 per year
  • ACT saving up to $1498 per year

A SOLSTRÅLE system can cost from between $3500-$7000. 

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A couple living in a standalone home in NSW could expect to pay $3500 for a 3kW system and expect that to be paid off in approximately four years.

A family of four could expect to pay up to $6000 in SA, which could be paid off in as little as three years.

Unique to Australian market, SOLSTRÅLE comes with a guarantee for the system to produce at least 80 per cent of what was quoted in a customer’s initial estimate, guaranteed for a period of five years. 

Since 2015, IKEA has teamed up with trusted business partners and launched IKEA Home Solar to seven markets around the world. IKEA Australia becomes the first organisation outside of Europe to expand the offering to consumers.

Customers can visit the IKEA website to learn more about SOLSTRÅLE and receive their own personalised quote here.

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