Hanwha Q CELLS files patent infringement complaints

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Hanwha Q CELLS has filed patent infringement complaints with the Federal Court of Australia against JinkoSolar and LONGi Solar. This follows an announcement on March 5 of similar infringement complaints being filed in the US and Germany.

The Federal Court complaints allege that JinkoSolar and LONGi Solar are importing and selling solar cells and modules that infringe Hanwha Q CELLS’s Australian patent rights. In particular, the complaints allege that JinkoSolar and LONGi Solar have incorporated Hanwha Q CELLS’s patented passivation technology—which plays an important role in improving the efficiency and performance of solar cells—into their solar cells. Hanwha Q CELLS began manufacturing Q.ANTUM solar cells using this passivation technology in 2012 and has produced more than 2.5 billion such cells globally. Hanwha Q CELLS seeks an order to stop JinkoSolar and LONGi Solar from importing, marketing, and selling the infringing products in Australia.

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Australia is one of the global leaders in the solar energy sector and Hanwha Q CELLS says it is fully committed to further strengthen this important industry. The company’s innovative technology improves the efficiency and performance of solar cells, making solar energy more accessible and affordable for Australian consumers and businesses. Hanwha Q CELLS’s presence in Australia goes back to 2009 and says it is proud that last year approximately one in 10 panels installed in the country’s residential and commercial segments were made by Hanwha Q CELLS. The legal actions Hanwha Q CELLS is taking will, according to the company, protect its ability to innovate and reinforce its reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality products and a trusted business partner to its customers across Australia.

“Intellectual property laws exist to incentivise innovation and protect innovations from being unfairly used, and we will vigorously defend our technology from infringement,” said chief executive officer of Hanwha Q CELLS & Advanced Materials Corp Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim.

Jinko Solar has refuted the allegations, saying they are without technical or legal merit.

“Jinko is working closely with its legal counsel and technical advisors to vigorously defend against the claims made by Hanwha,” the company said in a statement.

“The company is considering all legal avenues available, including petitioning for the invalidity of Hanwha’s alleged patents. Jinko looks forward to prevailing in court.”

LONGi Solar were contacted for comment.

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