Greens leader announces party’s energy plan

Image: Kate Ausburn via Flickr

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has announced the party’s energy policy Renew Australia 2030, which aims to phase out coal and build a world-leading renewable energy export industry by 2030.

The Greens will propose 2030 as the cut-off point for thermal coal exports and the shutdown date for Australia’s fleet of coal-fired power stations.

The party has also proposed the creation of a new public authority, Renew Australia, to lead the transition to low emissions, and a new government-owned energy retailer aimed at delivering cheaper power.

If elected, the Greens would phase out thermal coal exports by setting a yearly limit on exports from next year.

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“We have to recognise that coal is the biggest contributor to climate change, and if we don’t have a plan to tackle coal, we don’t have a climate plan,” Mr Di Natale said.

“Neither party has a plan to tackle coal. In fact, the Coalition want to build more coal-fired power stations, Labor’s silent on it, they’re not prepared to stop new coal fired power stations or new coal mines going ahead, so we need to actually deal with that issue. And that’s what we’re doing.

“We’ve got a plan that phases us out of coal, into renewables, 170,000 new jobs. Good for investment, good for the environment, good for the economy.”

Also in the Greens policy is the goal of having no new petrol or diesel cars on the roads by 2030.

The policy notes that “Australia’s very high transport emissions, at 19 per cent of our total pollution, means we need to use our clean energy to power an electric vehicle revolution.”

The Opposition is expected to reveal the rest of its climate strategy, expected to include a trading scheme for big polluters.