Get your renovations checked: Energex


Energex has issued a warning to home renovators about adding new structures to their homes which interfere with home power lines.

According to Energex’s Gary McCormick structures are being added such as carports, awnings, decks and pools below overhead electricity connection points.

“This presents two immediate safety issues that can be easily avoided,” Mr McCormick said.

“If there’s ever a fault with the service wire or it’s torn down during a storm, for safety reasons, Energex staff cannot stand on roofs or other structures to repair it.

“Our crews must have clear and direct access from the ground to the connection point via a ladder to restore power,” he said.

Under the Electrical Safety Act 2002, Energex technicians need to have access to the connection point at any time for inspections, maintenance or testing.

“Where a structure has been built under a connection point, all it would take is an unsuspecting home owner to begin clearing the gutters or a child retrieving ball from its roof, for example, then come into contact with the live wire suffering a life-threatening electric shock,” Mr McCormick said.

Mr McCormick said these issues are avoidable if homeowners use a licensed electrical contractor to ensure the home’s electricity connection point is in the right place and move it before renovations take place.

For more information visit the Energex website.