Clean Energy Council announces finalists in SDIA

The Clean Energy Council has announced the finalists of its Solar Design and Installation Awards for 2016.

Accreditation manager Sandy Atkins said the field was of a high calibre and that had made the judge’s job that much harder.

“As always, it is inspiring to see such remarkable projects spanning an interesting range of installations. These awards are really about highlighting the work of individual installers and the amazing solutions they find to address daily challenges,” Mr Atkins said.

“As the solar industry continues to evolve, there are always solar installers who are helping to re-define the industry’s idea of best practice through the diligent and innovative way they approach their work.

“The Clean Energy Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry to the Solar Design and Installation Awards this year, and we wish the finalists luck when the winners are announced at the ATRAA Dinner in Melbourne next month.”

The awards fall into four categories: Stand-Alone Power, Grid-Connect 15 kW – 100 kW, Grid-Connect over 100 kW and Battery Back-Up.

The winners will be announced at the ATRAA Dinner on Tuesday October 4 in Melbourne.

The finalists include:

Stand-alone Power

Tomislav Dretvic, Angus Quirk and Jonathan Pye, working for Smart Commercial Solar for an installation at the Nyngan Waste Depot

Marcus Edwards for a 2.5 kW installation for a remote community in North East Arnhem Land, working for Ed’s Marine Electrical

David Feeney for an installation of solar flowers at Europa Studio Australia

Grid-Connect 15 kW – 100 kW

Peter Baker for an 84.24 kW installation for a fruit store designed as a large cool room at Arnold’s Fruit Market, working for Eco Power & Lighting

Peter Harrison for a 33.28 kW installation at Goolabri Country Resort, working for Tintagel Systems

Graham McMullen for a 99.91 kW installation at the 18-storey commercial building Collins Square at Docklands, working for Energy Action

Grid-Connect over 100 kW

Tamun Davidson and Karl Tunnicliffe for a 1.8 MW installation at Ayers Rock Resort “Yulara”, working for CPS National

Dimitar Iliev and Jeff Hoare, for a 517 kW system at Dobson Spring and Suspension that addresses a highly-fluctuating load, working for GEM Energy

Jeremy Tranter and Paul Jones, for a 636 kW solar carpark roof at The Pines shopping centre, working for Tranter Engineering/CSA Services

Battery Back-Up

David Feeney and Stefan Koefler, for a 20 kW residential system working for Unlimited Energy

Dimitar Iliev and Kurt Elvery, for a 194 kW solar system with 252 kWh of storage at the Bundaberg Christian College, working for GEM Energy

Peter Libretto, for a 37 kW residential system optimised to time of use, working for Enertech Solar

Wilson Yuan and Hamed Ghate, for a 7.5 kW combined solar and wind system, working for Water Stone Energy

For more information about the projects or the awards dinner, visit the Clean Energy Council’s website.

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