Gas museum opens in Pennsylvania

The abandoned Bethlehem Steel Plant is now a museum dedicated to propane gas

Two decades of fundraising and planning have resulted in the opening of the National Museum of Industrial History, in Bethlehem Pennsylvania earlier this month.

In what is effectively a ‘gas museum’, visitors can look at around 200 industrial artefacts housed in an old steel facility.

President of the International Association of Young Gassers Jim Renaldo said the museum expected around 50,000 visitors a year.

CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council Roy Willis said the propane exhibition commemorates the men and women who helped build a foundation and pave the industry’s way since it began 100 years ago.

“It also educates other sand motivates the industry to become giants, as well,” he said.

The exhibit showcases the industry’s history, from it’s start in 1912 after Walter O Snelling invented propane. It details propane’s production process, it’s portable attributes, as well as its uses over the years.

A mock hot air balloon is one of the exhibit’s features, allowing visitors to step into the basket for a virtual hot air balloon ride.

The National Museum of Industrial History is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute.

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