GEA urges Tasmania to diversify energy assets


Gas Energy Australia (GEA) has raised concerns about the Tasmanian government’s proposal to duplicate or expand current energy generation assets, following the energy crisis earlier this year.

In its submission to the Tasmanian energy security taskforce, GEA said disruptions caused by unpredictable climate patterns would continue if the sector did not diversify its generation assets.

“All options to improve Tasmania’s energy security should be based on the criteria of risk reduction benefits,” the report said.

“Energy security is improved by diversifying the portfolio of energy assets. A second interconnector (Basslink) would further concentrate the state’s energy portfolio.”

The GEA referred to its 2030 Vision document saying the future of clean energy didn’t have to be either renewables or fossil fuel, but should be technology neutral to allow consumers to decide which energy sources can deliver the cleanest energy source.

“Gaseous fuels, as one of the cleanest fuels available at scale, should be part of the energy future as we transition away from less clean fuels like diesel and brown coal.”