EnergyAustralia to employ former Hazelwood workers

Hazelwood Power Station
Hazelwood Power Station

EnergyAustralia has signed an agreement with the Victorian government and unions to provide job opportunities for former Hazelwood workers at the Yallourn power station in the Latrobe Valley.

The agreement involves EnergyAustralia calling for expressions of interest in early retirement from among the Yallourn power station’s existing workforce, comprising employees and alliance partners, to create new job opportunities within the Latrobe Valley.

It will also see around 50 Latrobe Valley residents (including ex-Hazelwood employees) recruited in the next two years under the state government’s worker transfer scheme.

EnergyAustralia energy executive Mark Collette said the company was proud to play a role supporting the local community following the closure of the Hazelwood plant, a significant employer in the region.

Prior to finalising the transfer agreement, EnergyAustralia had already employed several former Hazelwood workers to fill vacancies at Yallourn.

“Our aim was to reach an outcome that creates secure, well-paid jobs which are open to all in the Latrobe Valley, is fair to our existing employees and does not add significant cost for customers – families and businesses – in Victoria,” Mr Collette said.

“We feel that’s been accomplished through this agreement and congratulate the state government and unions on their willingness to achieve a realistic and fair outcome.

“We’re looking forward to moving ahead with the plan and welcoming a new intake of workers to Yallourn.”

Mr Collette said minimising impacts from power station closures on local communities, customers and employees was critical to an orderly transition to cleaner energy.

EnergyAustralia will now develop the detail of a formal program to support early retirement for Yallourn employees, including a timeline for the process.

ENGIE closed the doors to Hazelwood Power Station in March, leaving 500 workers unemployed.