Energy retrofits to benefit building industry with the right approach

Energy retrofits to benefit building industry with the right approach

The latest round of applications for the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme opened on April 27.

The scheme, which is Australia’s only professional certification for individuals who lead and manage comprehensive energy retrofits of commercial buildings, gives building owners and managers a way to determine whether a project leader has the knowledge and skills required to manage a complex energy upgrade.

The Energy Efficiency Council delivers the scheme, and acting CEO Luke Menzel said a successful integrated energy retrofit delivers a host of benefits to building owners including lower operating costs, higher return on investment and rental income, lower tenant churn, increased capital value and enhancing corporate image and investment potential.

“These are complex projects with a diverse range of considerations. The ultimate success of an energy upgrade depends on choosing an expert provider,” he said.

“By choosing a provider who has been certified under the scheme, building owners and managers can have complete confidence their supplier holds the specialised knowledge, relevant skills and professional experience to maximise the outcomes of their project.”

The next round of certifications aims to double the number of certified professionals operating in the Australian marketplace by the end of 2015.

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