Energy networks showcase better consumer engagement

An opportunity to showcase how energy networks are putting consumers at the centre of their business has been launched.

Energy Networks Australia, in partnership with Energy Consumers Australia, has opened applications for the 2018 Annual Energy Network Consumer Engagement Award.

Energy Consumers Australia CEO Rosemary Sinclair said the award recognised network businesses that made significant effort to engage with consumers and improve outcomes for households and small businesses.

“The community expects network companies to put the needs of consumers at the heart of business decision-making – particularly to deliver more affordable power,” Ms Sinclair said.

“Energy businesses are exploring new ways they can drive more open conversations with consumers to reflect these consumer preferences in the work they do and the services and prices they offer.”

Energy Networks Australia CEO Andrew Dillon said outcomes from consumer engagement projects were helping define the role networks could play in providing essential services for consumers in the rapidly transforming energy sector.

“From an innovation perspective, technology is driving the energy sector at a rapid rate,” Mr Dillon said.

“Projects that use advancing technologies to improve service delivery and therefore outcomes for consumers have application right across the network sector.”

The Annual Industry Innovation Award 2018 has also been launched.

“These awards are a chance to highlight solutions that help resolve some of our industry’s complex challenges – such as affordability, reliability and sustainability – and we can all learn a lot from sharing these insights.”