Energy Queensland gives refugees a helping hand

A world away from the carnage of Aleppo, Abdullah and his two sons have taken their first tenuous steps towards a new life and career in Brisbane.

Having fled the carnage which engulfed the war-torn Syrian town for several years, the three men joined a small group of excited and very grateful refugees taking part in a unique training program at the Energex training facility at Rocklea.

“I am very grateful to be here. My family is now safe and I am so happy to have a new future for my wife and sons,” Abdullah said.

Along with eight other refugees from the middle-east and various Africa nations, Abdullah enrolled in an employment training program organised by the Multicultural Development Association and jointly facilitated by Energy Queensland companies, Ergon Energy and Energex at their Brisbane training facility.

“As an organisation which values diversity and represents our community, it’s so important that we give these individuals such a chance and a head-start,” Energy Queensland CEO David Smales said.

Ergon Energy’s training project officer Sharlene Smith said the week-long course provided the refugees the opportunity to gain the fundamental skills required to begin their job search.

“It was a very rewarding experience and I really feel privileged to have been a part of it. It’s so nice to see the way in which we can give back to the community like this,” Sharlene said.

The MDA course provided the refugees a White Card for gaining employment on construction sites, and basic qualifications in CPR, First Aid and Occupational Health and Safety.


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