Endeavour Energy speculates on future of business

Endeavour Energy
Endeavour Energy’s one millionth customers Karina and Tyronne Worrell

Endeavour Energy is celebrating reaching the milestone of their one millionth customer, gifting the newlywed couple a solar and battery storage system.

Marking the milestone, Endeavour Energy’s Chief executive officer Tony Narvarez reflected on the company’s long history and speculated on where the business was heading.

Mr Narvaez said the affordable, safe and reliable supply of electricity from Endeavour Energy’s network was the lifeblood of safe and functioning modern homes, businesses and communities.

“Since the electrification of Penrith in 1891, our network has grown as part of post war development as people just like Karina and Tyronne moved to new areas to make a life together,” he said.

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“Our network now powers Australia’s third-largest economy and the fastest growing residential areas in Australia, with the population of Western Sydney forecast to grow by over 900,000 people in the next 20 years.”

In addition to servicing growth, Mr Narvaez said Endeavour Energy was giving customers choice and control by preparing its network to meet their increasingly diverse needs into the future.

“The electricity network supporting Australia’s modern economy and lifestyle is experiencing unprecedented change as customers embrace new technologies like smart meters, solar and batteries in ever increasing numbers,” he said.

“Our future is linked to meeting the changing needs of our customers and enabling their energy choices.

“We are building a network which allows customers like Karina and Tyronne to embrace new technology and offer them new ways to save money by shifting electricity to off-peak periods.”

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