ENA: Focus on security welcome, but will it endure?

The focus on reliability and security in the new National Energy Guarantee (NEG) announced today has been welcomed by Energy Networks Australia, but policy stability is essential if Australia is to see downward pressure on energy bills.

“While the government’s commitments to target reliability and system security are important, any policy can only succeed if it can garner a broad political commitment that lasts beyond a single election cycle,” Energy Networks Australian interim CEO Andrew Dillon said.

“The measures announced today will need careful review, but stable energy and carbon policy will help meet the grid modernisation challenge, keep the lights on and make power bills more affordable.

“There are a range of policy options that can effectively manage the energy transition to deliver lower costs to customers without picking technology winners.”

Mr Dillon said the government needs to “get beyond schoolyard debates” surrounding energy policy.

“This country has learnt the hard way that no climate policy will work if it is only in place for a couple of years.

“To be successful both sides of politics and all levels of government must work together to provide certainty to investors – whether they are utilities, new innovators or households – so they can make decisions without unnecessary political risk.”

Mr Dillon said Energy Networks Australia would study the NEG closely to understand its impacts on energy networks and consumers, as well as actively participate in the consultation process.