Empired wins multimillion-dollar Western Power contract

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Empired Limited has secured two contracts with Western Power to provide a diverse range of digital services for up to seven years. Collectively the two contracts have an estimated value of $61 million over the initial five-year term.

An infrastructure managed services contract, with an estimated value of $31 million over five years, will see Empired provide end user computing services to more than 3300-plus Western Power staff and contractors, provide 24/7 service management leveraging Empired’s state-of-the-art service desk and national operations centres, manage all data centres and cloud operations, plus manage more than 2000 network devices across 30 sites. Transition of these services will commence immediately and is expected to be completed by early August 2020.

In addition, Empired Limited has been awarded a preferred master IT supply contract with an estimated value of $30 million over five years for the provision of a technology enhancement program in support of the managed services scope.

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The technology enhancement program will see Empired continue to evolve core backend services to cloud and digital platforms. Empired has partnered with global giant HCL Limited to provide leveraged offshore resourcing and access to world-leading intellectual property (IP) in the energy and power distribution markets.

Empired managing director Russell Baskerville said, “Empired is very proud to have been selected to partner with Western Power to deliver modern managed services across all of Western Power’s end user computing and core IT and operational technology infrastructure requirements.

“Western Power operates the majority of power distribution in Western Australia. It is a privilege and testament to Empired’s capability to be trusted by Western Power to manage systems that are critical to the safe and reliable distribution of power to Western Australia.”

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Western Power CIO Andrew Smith said, “Empired’s solution provided a modern approach to managed services, incorporating continuous innovation, the use of artificial intelligence operations, a state-of-the-art operations centre, and access to global IP and thought leadership through the HCL partnership. We are confident this will let Western Power drive improved efficiency and productivity while ensuring digital platforms are optimised to provide improved services to all stakeholders.

“The energy market is a rapidly changing landscape. With customers’ energy needs evolving, Western Power’s focus is always firmly on the future and we look forward to working with Empired through this journey.”

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