Dutchman completes world’s longest EV journey

Wiebe Wakker
Wiebe Wakker in Australia

On Sunday, April 7, Dutchman Wiebe Wakker reached Sydney after being on the road for 1119 days, completing the world’s longest ever journey in an electric car. He has crossed 33 countries and driven 95,000 kilometres on electricity, powered by the generosity of strangers.

Wakker left Amsterdam on March 15, 2016 with his electric car dubbed the ‘Blue Bandit’, without any money in his pocket but with a goal to prove the viability of electric vehicles.

Wiebe Wakker
Wiebe Wakker in Iran

To reach Sydney he asked everyone to sign up on his website and support him by offering a meal, a place to sleep or electricity to charge his car. Thousands of people from 45 countries signed up and this determined his route, crossing 33 countries. 

By driving to literally the other side of the world, Wakker wanted to show that electric cars are a viable way of transport, also in a country with vast distances like Australia. This was also his message to many ministers, sheiks, ambassadors, royals, MP’s and mayors he met during his epic journey. 

Wakker’s journey has been record-breaking. It is the longest journey in an electric car ever recorded. When reaching Sydney this Sunday he will have driven 95,000km, the previous record was 22,000km. It is also the first time someone drives to the other side of the world in a battery-powered car and Wakker was the first to cross Turkey, Iran, India, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia in an electric vehicle. 

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