Customers embracing AGL’s certified carbon neutral products

AGL, certified carbon neutral
Brownhill Creek Tourist Park owner Gavin Dyer

AGL has announced that more than 4000 residential and small business customers have chosen to sign up to AGL’s new certified carbon neutral electricity product after launching only four weeks ago.

AGL recently launched the new offering to allow residential, small business and large commercial and industrial customers the option to reduce their carbon footprint.

AGL chief customer officer Christine Corbett said it was great to see so how quickly customers have opted for certified carbon neutral electricity and demonstrates how much our communities care about shaping a more sustainable future.

“Being able to offer certified carbon neutral products is providing a whole new level of choice and one we believe customers will continue to embrace,” Ms Corbett said.

“The fast uptake of this product clearly demonstrates that AGL is a leader in the business of transition and importantly this aligns with the commitments we set out in our Climate Statement.”

AGL has also welcomed South Australia’s Brownhill Creek Tourist Park, as its first certified carbon neutral commercial electricity customer.

AGL, Brownhill Creek Tourist Park, certified carbon neutral
Brownhill Creek Tourist Park

Brownhill Creek Tourist Park owner Gavin Dyer said his staff strongly support our climate commitments and we are excited to be making these important changes.

“We know more and more customers are wanting to find ways to make their travels more sustainable and this is a critical step forward for us in offering environmentally friendly accommodation,” he said.

“After a difficult few months for the travel industry, it’s great to be able to hit the ground running again and know both local and international customers will welcome this decision.”

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Ms Corbett said Brownhill Creek Tourist Park is leading the way and we believe this option will not only help the park reduce its carbon footprint but also create a more sustainable business.  

“Our business customers know their clients are wanting to see decisive action to offset carbon and these new products allow businesses an option to help achieve their own sustainability targets,” Ms Corbett said.

All carbon neutral electricity is certified by Climate Active and by the end of FY21 a carbon neutral option will be available on all AGL products.

“Whether it’s electricity, gas or telecommunications, we want to provide all our customers with cleaner and more sustainable options on their essential services,” Ms Corbett said.

More than half of AGL’s customers have signed up to carbon neutral via the AGL app. It is a simple three click process that will go a long way to creating a cleaner future for all.  For more details on certified carbon neutral visit the AGL’s website here.

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