Concrete pour at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm complete

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Gullen Range Wind Farm. Image courtesy of Goldwind Australia

Toohey Form-Crete, based in Ballarat, recently wrapped up work at Goldwind’s Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Victoria, after approximately 18 months on site as part of the wind farm’s ongoing construction. 

Toohey’s Form-Crete played a pivotal role in forming and pouring foundations for the 149 Goldwind turbines for the wind farm. Construction is ongoing at the project and 69 of the turbines have been installed to date.  

Toohey’s project manager Luke Kane said construction work at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm was the largest job Toohey’s has taken to date. 

“The project – due to the number of foundations and the amount of form work and concrete – was significant and has been the one of the largest projects we have completed,” he said.

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“We formed and poured anchor and gravity foundations for all 149 Goldwind turbines for the project, using approximately 67,000m3 of concrete, including placement of the 6450 tonnes of steel reinforcement and precision placement of the bolts which attach the towers to the foundation.

“As part of this project we increased our employee numbers by approximately 20 which has provided a great lift not only to our business but the local industry. We also used a local sub-contractor to assist us with the steel fixing.

Luke said the local benefits didn’t stop there with Toohey also sourcing most of the materials from a local supplier.

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“As part of completing our role we used a number of local suppliers, sourcing the material from the Ballarat region, meaning there was a massive flow on locally,” he said.

“Completing this project has provided us with both the ‘know how’ and confidence to continue to engage and bid on other large infrastructure projects in Victoria.”

Construction of Stockyard Hill Wind Farm commenced May 2018, with the project to be fully operational in late 2020. Approximately 400 staff have been working on site during construction peaks. Once operational the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm will employ up to 25 permanent maintenance staff and will produce clean energy to power approximately 391,000 Victorian homes.

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