Coal-fired stations will close under Labor: Mike Nahan

Port Augusta power station. Image by Tim Phillips Photos
Port Augusta power station. Image by Tim Phillips Photos

Debate is continuing over the future of coal-fired power following the shut down of South Australia’s Port Augusta Station earlier in the week.

Energy Minister Mike Nahan has asked Labor MP Mick Murray to “come clean” on what he stands for, considering he is a member of the “anti-coal party”.

Mr Murray, who is the member for Collie-Preston, urged the West Australian Government to hold off making any decisions over coal-fired power in the state.

“I think it’s time the Government sat down and watched what happens in South Australia before they make any moves over here,” Mr Murray said.

“The jury’s out, and if something goes wrong, then we can not make the same mistakes over here.”

But Dr Nahan said WA’s coal stations would be closed under a Labor government.

“What happened in Port Augusta in South Australia is exactly what would happen in WA under Labor,” Dr Nahan said.

Dr Nahan said he would not predetermine the outcome of a Synergy report on which power stations should be retired.

“There is a future for coal-fired power stations but the energy landscape is undergoing a significant transformation and we need to ensure there is an appropriate mix of generation sources,” he said.

Mr Murray also supported a combination of energy sources.

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