China builds two wind turbines an hour

The nation known for doing things big is going big into wind power building two new wind turbines an hour, according to the International Energy Agency.

China’s annual increase in energy demand has been met by wind power.

The IEA said China had built so much coal-fired generating capacity that it was turning off wind turbines for 15 per cent of the time.

It said China had a clear over-supply of wind energy. In the province of Gansu, 39 per cent of wind energy was turned off because there was not enough capacity on the grid.

The IEA said the current situation in china was unsustainable and would need strong policy decisions along with construction of more grid lines the phasing out of inefficient coal power plants.

Global Wind Energy Council’s Steve Sawyer said China’s wind capacity was without parallel.

“It is no surprise the Chinese grid’s capacity to integrate this variable renewable energy has not progressed at the same rate, but to change this situation China needs to progress with electricity market reform.”

The cause of the over-supply was the government underestimated the increase of electricity demand which grew by just half a percent, as China’s growth slowed.

China ratified the Paris climate change agreement last week as a result of the reduced demand in energy and the increase in renewables.