Farmers encouraged to look at renewables and battery storage

Hornsdale Wind Farm
Hornsdale Wind Farm

Battery storage company Tesla has pitched to Australian farmers at Agribusiness Australia, saying they could produce not just food and fibre, but also energy.

Tesla’s Nick Carter said solar power and storage could be a massive area of growth for farming businesses.

“The history of innovation in Australia is really impressive,” Mr Carter said.

“The scene is basically set to drive that in the next couple of decades. I think it could be a massive area of growth.”

Unlike European farmers, Australian farmers have the advantage of space.

“If there is land available, then use it for essentially mining or growing energy and if you’re grid connected, you could end up in the future when the rules change, selling it back as another revenue stream,” he said.

Mr Carter answered the question of whether renewable energy would be enough to power a farm business, and if battery storage could address that issue.

“You’ve obviously got to engineer and size the system,” Mr Carter said.

“If you’re going to use say two megawatts at 9am or 7am in the morning, we can build a system around that and size the solar that goes with it or the grid connection.”

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