EOI open for Australia’s largest battery storage project in SA

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is working with the South Australian Government to develop a financing package to support the accelerated delivery of Australia’s largest grid-scale battery storage project, for the South Australian energy market.

The South Australian Government is supporting the construction of Australia’s largest battery to store energy from the wind and sun, as part of its $150 million Renewable Technology Fund to support investment in clean, dispatchable and affordable power.

The SA Government has opened a two-week Expression of Interest period for national and international companies interested in building the 100MW battery.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the South Australian Government on this exciting initiative,” CEFC CEO Oliver Yates said.

“This project will efficiently demonstrate how battery storage can play a part in the competitive future of our energy system.”

Mr Yates said the CEFC had been in discussion with a number of large-scale battery providers for some time, including those looking to offer potential energy storage solutions in South Australia.

“Storage and grid-scale batteries are an essential part of a strong electricity system,” he said.

“Storage will enable higher volumes of clean energy to be incorporated into the grid, as part of Australia’s modern electricity system of the future.

“Projects that can be implemented rapidly like this can complement a range of longer-term storage projects already under consideration.

“These could include a Snowy Mountains Scheme 2.0; the proposed Kidston pumped hydro development in Queensland; the proposed Cultana pumped hydro project on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and potential improvements to Tasmania’s electricity system centred around its long established hydro facilities.”