CEC says proposed solar changes will put consumers at risk

Sun shines on tiled roof with solar panels (ausgrid microgrid)
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The Clean Energy Council (CEC) says the introduction of multiple accrediting bodies for Australia’s rooftop solar industry will ultimately be to the detriment of both the industry and consumers. 

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“Rooftop solar is an Australian renewable energy success story,” the CEC said in a statement.

“2021 marked the fifth consecutive record-breaking year for rooftop solar, with the 378,451 systems installed across Australia adding 3.3GW of new capacity. Small-scale solar accounted for 24.9% of Australia’s total renewable energy generation in 2021, cementing its place as Australia’s second-largest clean energy technology behind wind.

“At a time when consumers are looking to install rooftop solar to offset soaring energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint, measures proposed by the Clean Energy Regulator threaten to increase the risk of confusion.

“A single accrediting body would result in greater responsibility and accountability to respond to and address the broad range of emerging and associated challenges and issues that arise in the industry. This responsibility would be less likely to occur if multiple accrediting bodies existed. Furthermore, consumers with similar complaints need to achieve comparable outcomes.

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“The Clean Energy Council (CEC) welcomes continued innovation and reflection in the regulatory space, but not at the expense of consumers and the industry.”

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