Lamb to the slaughter: Awkward interview reveals Liberal coal station to be partly taxpayer funded

power station
Michael Lamb during the Sky News interview

Liberal candidate for Frankston Michael Lamb has revealed in an uncomfortable interview with Sky News that the proposed power station promised by Victorian Liberals will most likely be coal, and will be at least partly taxpayer funded.

When questioned by Sky News journalist David Speers at the beginning of the interview, Speers states there will be a new power station paid for by the state, to which Mr Lamb clarifies it will be paid for by the private sector, tendering to whatever the market decides.

When Speers questions Mr Lamb about this already being possible and the government isn’t promising anything different, the pair go around in circles for some time.

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“So the taxpayer would fund …” Speers says, before being cut off by Mr Lamb who says “No, no, it’s private industry”.

“Hang on, I’m confused, what changes?” Speers says.

“What changes is we will tender to get the lowest base power we can get, and we’ll get a power station built,” Mr Lamb says.

“They’ve closed power stations under this government, they’ve tripled the brown coal tax.

“I’m not saying it’s going to be coal, you’re putting words in my mouth. It may well be renewable energy, whatever the market determines.”

Speers says, “But renewables are built already,” to which Mr Lamb replies “but they’re not reliable or affordable”.

“So you’re talking about coal or gas,” Speers says.

“Yep,” Mr Lamb says.

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Towards the end of the interview Mr Lamb says the market will decide what kind of power station will be built by the private sector, with help from the state.

“So a bit of taxpayers’ money?” Speers says.

“Yes,” Mr Lamb says.

Twitter users have likened the interview to a Clarke and Dawe skit. Watch the full interview below.