Australian company to manufacture EVs in Adelaide

The ACE Cargo van

Australian Clean Energy Vehicle Corp (ACE-EV) will soon begin assembling carbon fibre composite and plastic electric vans at Adelaide’s Aldom manufacturing plant.

ACE-EV’s managing director and former marine biologist Greg McGarvie says he was determined to bring EV manufacturing to Australia for the sake of his grandchildren.

Already, the company has orders for 100 electric vehicle delivery vans, and plans to make 15,000 by the year 2025.

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He told InDaily the South Australian Government had been the most proactive in seeking to attract his company to the state, saying it’s policy support, not financial support, that the company needs.

McGarvie says vehicles would most-likely sell in the export market, but plans to use local suppliers.

Thus far, ACE-EV has made a prototype of an all-electric delivery van – a 3.9m long Cargo van that can carry up to half a tonne in weight.

“It has a 33 kilowatt an hour battery with capabilities of up to 250 kilometres on a single charge with a partial payload — along with a maximum power output of 45 kilowatt an hour from the motor,” an ACE-EV spokesperson said.

“At the core of the vehicle’s design is lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced plastic monocoque, designed for fleet owners with a price tag of $39,995.”

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