AGL provides support for hardship customers

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AGL has teamed up with Uniting Communities to provide home energy audits and possible appliance replacements to hardship customers in Adelaide.

Chief customer officer Melissa Reynolds said AGL had identified customers in Adelaide on its hardship program with the greatest need for assistance with their energy and contacted them via SMS to offer them the opportunity to participate in the energy audit and appliance replacement program.

“Trained energy advisors from Uniting Communities are visiting the homes of eligible customers in Adelaide to perform an audit on how efficiently they use energy and determine if any of their appliances need to be replaced,” she said.

“Old or inefficient electrical appliances can make a significant contribution to energy costs and, for customers with tight budgets, replacing them with new appliances can make a big difference.

“The program extends beyond traditional appliances to include curtains, blinds, mats and draught seals.

“We are funding fund up to $1000 of the cost of replacing old, broken or inefficient appliances and other energy-related items if the energy advisors identify that a customer is eligible.

“The success of the program will determine whether we broaden it.”

The appliances include fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, curtains, blinds, internal doors, mats, ceiling fans, draught seals, portable fans, clothes airers and light globes.

“We acknowledge that energy affordability is a critical concern and are committed to helping address it,” Ms Reynolds said.

“Reducing consumption is a key way of managing household energy spending, but low-income can restrict the capacity of vulnerable households to upgrade their appliances or make other energy efficiency improvements.

“Through this program we are taking action to help customers, particularly vulnerable customers, manage their energy consumption and costs.”.

Uniting Communities chief executive Simon Schrapel said the organisation had a long history of advocating for energy affordability for South Australians.

“We work with many people who are living on low incomes and struggling to make ends meet, so it will be very beneficial for them to learn about ways that they lower their utilities costs,” Mr Schrapel said.

“Further, as a carbon neutral organisation, we are committed to addressing the effects of climate change, particularly for those who will be most affected by it – our clients – and this program supports our vision.”