AGL offers storage to solar customers

Solar power

AGL Energy has become the first major retailer to launch battery storage after announcing it will offer suitcase-sized storage batteries to help customers better match the ups and downs of solar energy to their demands.

The initial offering will be limited to residential and small business customers.

AGL’s Power Advantage proposition will include a range of battery storage devices based on lithium-ion technology, making them clean, compact and reliable.

AGL’s energy storage lead Ed Lynch-Bell said energy storage is still an emerging technology, but is moving very quickly.

“The first device will be capable of storing 6kWh of solar energy and will suit an average family home with 3-4.5kW of solar PV. The battery storage device, however, could be used in a home without solar PV,” he said.

“The battery provides consumers with backup for essential home services such as lighting, refrigeration and communications… a welcome peace of mind for potential disruptions of energy supply.”

A range of finance plans aim to make the technology available to customers from all income levels.

AGL has plans to develop a suite of products to cater to a range of home and business sizes and types. The 6kWh battery storage device is the first in this range and in the initial phase will be available in limited numbers. Larger battery sizes will be available later this year. Customers will be offered outright purchases, leases and pay-as-you-go charges for each kilowatt charged and discharged.

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