AGL customers are embracing carbon-neutral offers

AGL energy campaign

AGL has reached a significant milestone in its support of customers looking for carbon neutral options, with more than 50,000 services now on AGL’s certified carbon neutral electricity and gas products, across Australia.

AGL chief customer officer Christine Corbett said the milestone demonstrates AGL’s customers wanted a whole new level of choice and are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint.

“By making certified carbon neutral products available, AGL is providing customers with choice and flexibility when it comes to offsetting their own carbon footprint,” Ms Corbett said.

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“When we launched our Climate Statement, we committed to actions that would help accelerate the energy transition, including offering a certified carbon neutral option on all products for our customers by the end of June 2021.

“Right across the country, customers are choosing certified carbon neutral electricity and gas with New South Wales and Victoria leading the change. 

“We are excited for the opportunities and innovations that are ahead and believe that the commitments we are making are important for our community.”

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AGL’s certified carbon neutral products are backed by Climate Active, which is supported by the Australian Government.

Offsets go towards funding projects such as the Westmere Regeneration Project in New South Wales, which restores native vegetation and increases biodiversity.

By the end of FY21, AGL says it will offer carbon neutral options across all its products as per the commitment in its Climate Statement.