Adani calls on QLD Gov for “fair go”


Adani has launched an unprecedented media campaign to win over the Australian public, calling on the Queensland Government to “stop moving the goal posts”, and give them “a fair go”.

The campaign has been brought to the doorstep of Parliament, with digital billboards across the city carrying the message ‘It’s time the Queensland Government gave Adani a fair go’.

Radio, social media, newspapers and 90 office tower elevators in Brisbane will also be used in the campaign, highlighting how the mining giant sees the Government has shifted the goal posts in finalising its remaining management plans.

Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow said thousands of jobs for Queenslanders and much needed investment are being held up by the Government.

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“We’re ready to go. The mine is fully-financed, we have 14,500 people who want to work for us and we have the plan to start,” Mr Dow said.

“The Government has said the project needs to stack up. It does. We would really like to see the State Government get behind us and allow us to get on with the task of delivering jobs for Queensland.”

“The focus of our increased communications activities are designed to explain that for construction work to commence, we need the Queensland Government to give us clarity and certainty on what’s required to finalise our outstanding management plans, and also the associated timeframe.”

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The Queensland Government has yet to approve Adani’s environmental management plans, including that regarding the endangered black-throated finch. The Carmichael coal mine site is one of the last remaining habitats for the finch.