ActewAGL launches electric vehicle charging network

ActewAGL has officially launched its electric vehicle (EV) charging station network.

Eight operational EV charging stations are now powered by 100 per cent Renewable GreenPower, supplied through ActewAGL’s Greenchoice green energy program.

“The first installation in our pilot project, a 50kW rapid charger in Greenway earlier this year, was the first of its kind in the ACT,” ActewAGL chief executive officer Michael Costello said.

“We know that one of the main drivers for increasing EV take-up is access to public charging stations. And we are proud to be the primary provider of public EV charging infrastructure in the ACT.

“Options are being looked at around installing charging stations on surrounding roads, such as the Hume Highway to Sydney, on the way to the snow and to the South Coast.

“The ACT has among the cheapest electricity in the country, whereas the price of petrol is 10c/L higher than the national average. This makes owning an EV especially viable in Canberra.”

Rapid charging stations (level 3) allow customers to fully recharge their EV in approximately 20 minutes.

ActewAGL’s EV charging station network has three rapid chargers; at the Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport, in the Magistrates Court car park in Civic and at ActewAGL’s Greenway depot.

The EV charging station network also consists of five fast chargers, which allow customers to fully recharge their EV in up to three hours.

ActewAGL’s charging stations are currently free for all registered customers, with fee-for-service commencing in February 2017.