ACCC asked to review MasterChef ‘renewable gas’ claims

Melbourne building with Masterchef Australia logo on the facade, with blue sky above
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Claims that ‘renewable gas’ is making MasterChef Australia ‘greener’ are under scrutiny following a complaint to the ACCC.

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Climate communications group Comms Declare has asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate claims by the Australian Gas Network (AGN) as part of its sponsorship of the hit cooking show.

Specific claims in the complaint include MasterChef Australia host Andy Allen in Episode 4 saying, “And I’m excited to say this year, MasterChef is going greener with renewable gas”.

Comms Declare founder Belinda Noble said, “We believe that hundreds of thousands of MasterChef Australia fans are being deceived into thinking that the gas used in the program is good for the planet.

“The biomethane and grey hydrogen used in the MasterChef Australia kitchen is not renewable, not low emissions, not commercially viable and not available in ordinary Australian homes.

“We call on MasterChef Australia producers to drop this polluting sponsor and move to induction cooking, like their counterparts around the world.”

An AGN spokesperson said, “Australian Gas Networks is providing biomethane and hydrogen to MasterChef Australia to practically demonstrate that customers can cook with a low-carbon solution that can be delivered by existing gas networks to support Australia’s transition to net zero.

“Throughout the MasterChef Australia sponsorship, we have been clear about the nature of the sponsorship and the gas used on set. We have taken care to ensure we accurately described the gas we were supplying.”

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The complaint was prepared and lodged by the Environmental Defenders Office.

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