92 Tesla Powerwalls installed as part of SA home battery trial

The South Australian Power Network has completed the installations of home battery storage units for the trial in Salisbury and in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

Of the 100 installs, 92 of these are Tesla Powerwalls.

The proud new Powerwall owners have been selected based on the ability to utilise their existing solar panel assets and compliment this with the Powerwall, allowing SA Power Networks to tap into that energy when needed to manage network issues, Tesla said in a statement.

“This project highlights the opportunity that exists for networks to create virtual power plants through mass install of Powerwalls, tapping into the stored energy to assist the wider community,” the company said.

“In addition to assisting the wider community, the new owners of Tesla Powerwall who are part of the trial are guaranteed $500 per annum savings on their power bill.

“With the recent statewide power outage in South Australia, installs of Powerwall such as these will benefit the resident, and as the networks begin to work with home owners will provide back up support for the grid.”

Tesla Powerwall 2 installs will start early 2017, with the latest version providing more than double the storage at a similar cost.

The 14 kWh Powerwall will allow for owners to power their homes at night purely from the solar they have stored during the day.

With the increase in capacity, future trials and new residential developments will provide greater power support to both owners and networks in the future.

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