Yingli to power remote Fijian schools

Bouma District School students, Taveuni Island, Fiji
Bouma District School students, Taveuni Island, Fiji

A leading Chinese solar panel producer has partnered with a not-for-profit charity to power six remote schools in Fiji.

Yingli Green Energy is providing Its Time Foundation – a charity provides renewable energy to education facilities with limited access to power – with solar PV systems.

The high efficiency and durable solar panels are expected to create savings in excess of $30,000 annually for the remote schools.

The schools were selected based on their lack of accessibility to reliable power from the grid, with Its Time Foundation spokesperson Rob Edwards saying the solar technology will reduce reliance on costly generator fuel and kerosene.

“The students and teachers now can charge laptops, photocopy schools exams, supply lighting to teachers’ quarters, where previously they were using power from the school generator for a limited time in the evenings,” he said.

“Now with Yingli’s solar PV systems, these schools have a safe and clean environment with a steady energy supply.

“There is no compromise to be considered when developing a solution for the progressive education for the children. The cornerstone of a strong education for these students and staff is the inclusion of a renewable power and lighting solution, which is supplied to every school.”

Climate change is the most urgent threat facing the Pacific Islands. Replacing dependent power sources such as kerosene and fuel generators with clean and affordable solar energy will create a safer and sustainable environment, and ultimately improve the lives of communities in the region, Yingli Australia managing director Daman Cole said.

“We are delighted that Its Time Foundation has delivered these solar PV systems for remote schools, demonstrating to students, staff and the community that clean energy can be a stable part of their future. These installations will help students enjoy a learning environment that powers both their school and their minds.”