World’s quietest wind turbine connects to grid

The first commercial application of the Eco Whisper turbine, claimed to be the world’s quietest 20kW wind turbine, is being installed and will be connected to the grid near Tullamarine in Melbourne.

Produced and developed by Queensland-based Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA), the 30-blade Eco Whisper turbine delivers virtually silent operation and produces up to 30 per cent more power than conventional three-bladed turbine designs.

Ideal for mid-sized facilities and designed to replace diesel generation facilities, the Eco Whisper collects wind more efficiently and can operate in both high and low wind conditions. One turbine can produce enough power for around three average homes.

RESA chief executive Tony Le Messurier said, “The Eco Whisper Turbine is set to revolutionise delivery of renewable electricity supply to mid-size commercial, manufacturing or industrial facilities, particularly in rural or remote locations that rely on diesel replacement.

“The Eco Whisper is a huge advancement for wind power technology. The quietness of the turbine and its ability to operate efficiently in a range of wind conditions makes it well-suited for organisations seeking to impact their greenhouse gas emissions and respond to the new carbon pricing regime.”

The Tullamarine installation is the culmination of two years of testing and development for Eco Whisper, which was launched in October 2011. It follows a pilot demonstration at the manufacturer’s facility in Geelong.

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