World’s first hybrid cruise ship embarks on maiden voyage


Expedition cruise line Hurtigruten has launched the world’s first hybrid cruise ship, Roald Amundsen, in Tromso, Norway.

The Rolls Royce-developed technology, in combination with the construction of the hull and effective use of electricity on board, will reduce the fuel consumption and CO2-emissions from the ships by 20 per cent. This amounts to more than 3000 metric tons of CO2 per year. 

Hurtiguten aims to one day sail fully electric expeditionary ships in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Hurtiguten CEO Daniel Skjeldam says to be able to sail using only electrical power is not only a great benefit for the environment, but it will also enhance the impact of experiencing nature for the guests.

“Picture sailing into a fjord silently without any form of emissions,” Mr Skjeldam says.

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The ship is full of luxurious amenities expected from a world-class cruise liner such as saunas, classy restaurants, bars, observation decks and outdoor hot tubs (some private from guests’ cabins).

As well as setting itself apart from other liners with its hybrid technology, instead of traditional cruise entertainment such as cinemas and theatres, it has a state-of-the-art science centre.

Packed with high-tech gadgets such as touch screens and science equipment, the immersive edutainment area is a place where guests and staff/crew meet, mingle and create a deeper understanding for the areas they explore. The flexible venue features lecture spaces, a small library, and speciality areas for workshops in photography, biology, and more.

According expedition leader Karin Strand, the science centre is so equipped “you could do a PHD here – and people will”.

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