Wollongong takes pole position on EV charging

Middle-aged man charges an electric vehicle with an EVX pole-mounted EV charger
Endeavour Energy’s General Manager Customer Future Grid Colin Crisafulli

Wollongong City Council and Endeavour Energy have partnered with electric vehicle infrastructure company EVX to bring first-of-their-kind pole-mounted EV chargers to the streets of Wollongong.

Five pole-mounted electric vehicle chargers have been deployed at Wollongong’s George Street, Victoria Street and Cliff Road as well as Austinmer Tennis Courts and Railway Parade in Thirroul, with more expected to come.

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The new kerbside infrastructure will help provide Wollongong’s rapidly rising EV drivers with an easier way to charge up away from home. The number of EVs on Wollongong’s roads has almost quadrupled since 2021 while the region ranks in the top 10% of the country when it comes to new EV registrations.

Endeavour Energy general manager customer future grid Colin Crisafulli said Wollongong’s first pole-mounted electric vehicle chargers would make EV ownership more accessible and affordable.

“Endeavour Energy has been providing power to this region for more than 100 years so we are excited to welcome this milestone—the first pole-mounted EV chargers in Wollongong in collaboration with the Wollongong City Council and EVX,” he said.

“The rollout of pole-mounted chargers, on existing but repurposed infrastructure makes it easier for people to consider choosing to drive an electric vehicle and will help those living in apartments or renting.

“By repurposing existing infrastructure and using the electricity network’s capacity for additional services, we can exert downward pressure on electricity prices for all customers. Our projections indicate that by 2030, there will be over 300,000 EVs within the Endeavour Energy network, and we are committed to ensuring that all our customers can actively participate in and lead this significant energy transition.”

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Promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, EVX’s cutting-edge technology makes it easy for people to charge their vehicles using 100 per cent green energy. The chargers’ long-dwell charging capability allows drivers to charge their vehicles while they are parked for at least 1-2 hours.

By using AC power with smart charging capability, EVX chargers have a low impact on the local electricity grid while they can also be installed on the existing utility pole infrastructure, negating the need for disruptive civil works and ensuring a speedy rollout.

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