Wind farm community fund distributes $125K to community

Moorabool, Goldwind, community fund
Moorabool Wind Farm. Image: Goldwind Australia

Goldwind Australia today announced the inaugural Moorabool North Community Fund grant distribution of $125,000 to 11 local community groups. Dean Tonkin, the site manager for Moorabool Wind Farm said that it was pleasing to see the first round of the bi-annual community grants distributed to some worthy recipients.

“The selection panel, made up of members of the local Community Reference Group (CRG), reviewed more than 24 worthy applications from community groups. After considered and thoughtful debate, the selection panel have decided to allocate $125,000 to 11 community groups to fully or partially fund their local community initiatives.”

Moorabool Wind Farm CRG chairperson Dave O’Hanlon was pleased to see the grants support and benefit a range of groups in the community.

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“As the Chair of the CRG, I am very excited to see support being provided to so many groups across the wider community. This was the first round of grants provided under the Moorabool North Community Fund, and there were many great projects submitted. The CRG look forward to being involved with the fund and seeing more successful projects throughout the community, for many years to come.”

The 11 local community groups who received full or partial funding for their projects are:

  • Meredith Community Centre
  • Ballan Cricket Club
  • Gordon Primary School
  • Advance Meredith Association INC
  • Ballan District Vintage Machinery and Vehicle Club
  • Gordon Public Park & Recreation Reserve Incorporated
  • Ballan Bowling Club
  • Ballan District Health and Care
  • Ballan RSL sub-branch
  • Gordon Football & Netball Club
  • Ballan Golf Club Incorporated

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Gordon Primary School received full funding to upgrade their waste and recycling program, and Carly Middleton from the School was appreciative of the grant funding provided.

“This is a wonderful piece of news and a huge help for us as a school in achieving our goals. I appreciate the wonderful opportunity that Moorabool Wind Farm has provided through their community grants initiative.”

Goldwind would like to thank the Community Reference Group Assessment Panel for their help in reviewing the applications and allocating funding for the first round of the Moorabool North Community Fund grant.

The first round of bi-annual funding grants for Moorabool South Community Fund will be launched early next year. Further information will be provided on the project website and advertised locally.

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