Wind energy outstrips hydro

Wind energy outstrips hydro

Australia’s wind energy capacity overtook hydro power energy generation for the first time in January.

Wind farms around the country generated 893,352GWh during January, according to research company Green Energy Markets.

On the other hand, hydro has fallen to its lowest generation in three years, looking at a three-month period, with January generation producing 884,730GWh.

Recent statistics from the Global Wind Energy Council showed the country installed 567MW of wind energy projects last year, with the total wind capacity now at 3806MW.

Despite the rise in wind energy generation, Australia’s renewable energy production dropped to 11.7 per cent in January, not including around 4000GW of rooftop solar that accounts for around 2-3 per cent of the country’s energy requirements.

During August, September and October 2013, clean energy generated around 18 per cent of Australia’s energy capacity.

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