Western Power to roll out advanced meters

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Western Power will install 238,000 advanced meters as part of its routine meter replacement program, and for all new meters, aligning the utility with industry deployment across Australia and globally. 

WA’s McGowan Government says it supports the deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) on the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), unlocking future benefits and savings for customers. 

The deployment includes communications infrastructure to monitor two-way flows on the electricity network, which is likely to increase as demand for solar PVs and electric vehicles continues to grow.

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Advanced meters will provide Western Power with improved visibility of power flows on the network, which will improve the efficiency and reliability of its operations and services provided to customers.

Additionally, they will facilitate the development of new retail products and services that will enable WA homes and businesses to have greater visibility and control of their energy use, including managing rooftop solar electricity systems and batteries.

The move to advanced meters will also provide substantial safety benefits by enhancing Western Power’s ability to detect safety issues on its network, such as neutral faults.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston said advanced metering technology empowers customers and gives them a choice on how and when they use their electricity.

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“It’s important to move with global technology trends and enable the grid to evolve, to meet the needs of families as well as businesses, as meter assets are replaced over time,” Mr Johnston said.

“Advanced metering is one of the keys to unlocking a grid that will inspire innovation in emerging technologies and drive new economic growth and business opportunities.

“Once fully implemented, Western Power expects an increase in operational savings from this initiative, which will contribute to putting downward pressure on household energy bills.”

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