300MW solar farm approved for Queensland’s Western Downs

Solar panel array under blue sky (chinese solar)
Image: Shutterstock

The Western Downs Regional Council has approved a 300MW solar farm between Miles and Chinchilla.

The solar project, near Columboola, is the largest in the region and one of the largest in Australia. It will be constructed by Luminous Energy, creating 400 local jobs during construction and five ongoing operational positions.

Western Downs Regional Council spokesperson for Planning and Environment Councillor Andrew Smith believes this project signals an exciting and prosperous future for renewable energy development in the region.

“Once completed this solar station will be one of the largest in Australia, equal in size to most conventional power stations,” Mr Smith said.

“It’s a massive project, not only in terms of economic benefit and local job creation but also in the flow-on business development opportunities for associated renewable energy industries.

“This is the fourth large-scale solar project to be approved in the Western Downs, making our region the place of choice for the establishment of renewable energy industries.

“We’re serious about being known as the Energy Capital of Australia, and we’re open for business.

“Council processed this application in just seven weeks, so the message is clear — if you’re looking to invest in green, clean, renewable energy, talk to us first.”

The project will be built over three stages about 10km from Miles, and is set to cover 540 hectares.

The project is expected to take 18 months to construct, and has the capacity to power approximately 110,000 homes.


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